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A Tip On Flying Into Mosul

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Mosul Airport

Mosul Airport

As Iraq’s economy begins to show signs of steady growth and investors lurk here and here and here, those flying into Mosul, Iraq’s third largest city, should be aware it could take a while.

There is one regular commercial flight to Mosul, arriving Sunday afternoon from Dubai. If you arrive with a visa, please bring something to sleep in, as you likely will spend the night at the immigration counter at the airport. Iraq immigration officials, in an abundance of caution, confirm all visas by phone with the head office in Baghdad. Though Sunday is a work day in Iraq, Mosul Airport officials say that immigration authorities attending to the phones in Baghdad have gone home by the time of the 3 or 4 pm. arrival of the Dubai flight. Once the Baghdad office opens Monday morning, the visas can be confirmed, and you will be welcomed warmly into Mosul.

For those who prefer not to spend a night at the immigration counter, you may be able to call ahead to the Mosul Airport and have your visa pre-approved. And once you arrive, don’t forget to begin processing your exit visa immediately. That process can take weeks, and you need it to leave.


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December 8, 2010 at 5:46 am

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