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Iraqi Election: A View From Mosul

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Collecting information from various sources in our region, a colleague of mine filled out her hourly reporting sheet, monitoring the initial round of voting this afternoon. She called her contacts, mostly local political and community leaders, and reported to us what she heard. On one sheet she wrote: “All reports are peaceful and voting activity continues without incident.” And on the next line: “Sheikh’s home in Mosul bombed this afternoon, destroying two adjacent homes and injuring at least five.” That, for me, is the Iraqi election. Can the democratic dreams of the masses outshine the radical nighmares of a few?

If you had been with me last Thursday evening, you would be an optimist for Iraqi democracy. I sipped tea with a man I call Sheikh Abdi in his hometown, along the Tigris riverbed, very much in the Sunni heartland. Sheikh Abdi lives in a place where many flags of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath party still fly, where some yearn for the return of the Hussein years and curse the arrival of the American occupiers. Sheikh Abdi is a makhtar, an elected elder, who appears to be well regarded by his people. Read the rest of this entry »


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March 5, 2010 at 12:48 am

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